With Offices throughout Canada we are a locally owned Merchant Service Provider with a 24/7 support to all our members businesses and other organizations .

 Our aims are the following : 

  • We will help you to choose the right Point Of Sale (POS) that fits your day to day business transactions.
  • Save your money by providing quality systems with the lowest total cost of ownership .

      Choose Monetic Payments as your support and you will get : 

  • A “one stop shop” for all your Point Of Sales (POS) needs .
  • Free 24/7 assistance when things go wrong .
  • A wide range of hardware and software options to meet your needs .
  • Friendly and helpful service from our great team of Point Of Sale professionsals.

Simple set-up (Software and Research)

Easy device installation . No drivers required .

Compatible (Business Services)

Works with different vendor POS platforms & allows for contactless transactions .